Congress Should Not Have Presidential Power

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I do not agree with the statement because the congress has went down because of many presidencys failures and mistakes. Our government does not have much power and is not as strong because of many wrongdoings of legislatures and people in the white house. Some people say that our government is good, but in reality it isn’t. Many others countries have been offending us and doing stuff to out computers and technology and the U.S. does nothing about it. Many cops are killing people for no reason and the governmet doesn’t stop them because they keep on doing it. The government doesn’t see it is always constant and it’s a pattern which they see, but they choose not to do anything about it. Many people feared the abuse of power with congress and make the world worst and the economy even worst.…show more content…
They should not be able to make decisions without peoples say in what their opinion is. Our people should have the same amount of power when they vote for something than the government deciding their own opinion while ignoring the peoples most votes. Most people should be able to decide what they want to be legal and not want to be legal because they are the ones who live in the country and are the ones who work in the country. The government just has a job just like other people and shouldn’t be treatd with more say inb votes, they are just people who run our country. They should not also take a say that they shouldn’t have more power because they will most likely will have more poweer because they are considered the boss. All people should be treated equally including the government and no one should be treated like they are more important because all people are the
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