Congress Vs House Of Representatives Essay

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The United States is still considered to be a young nation that is growing and learning how to work together as a country. Though we do have one of the longest running system of governments known to man kind. It has come a long since a rebellious group of men decided to gather in a room to write our constitution. Along the way establishing the United States Congress that is broken up into a bicameral system of the Senate and House of Representatives. The two systems are different in a multitude of ways from how long they can be in office to what sections of Congress they are in charge of, yet both have similar roles and duties important to the Government.
To begin, the two systems are both part of the legislative branch of government responsible for mainly writing up and vetoing law. All members of Congress are elected by a group of people to represent
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A Senator is at least thirty years old who has been a citizen of the U.S. for at least nine years, and their term is six years. The leader is the president of the Senate also known as the Vice President of the United States. Though they rarely participate/run sessions since there are other factors that are more important to take care of. They have a less centralized and weaker leadership then the house does at the end of the day. Gives advice and consent to a multitude of the presidential candidates and nominee 's. If a President becomes impeached (questioned for decisions made) the Senators are in charge of running the trial. Senators approve treaties since they have a bigger influence on foreign affairs then the other members of Congress. There members are less likely to be re-elected standing at only a 45% for re-election each term. People believe Senate to be more powerful of the two since it has a smaller party of people to agree. Concluding, that while they are in the same branch of government they are different in multiple

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