Connections In The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

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Paragraph #1 (Beowulf): When reading the epic Beowulf, I make a text to text connection because I notice the deep ties and similarities to the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The film was based off of J.R.R Tolkien 's novel, The Hobbit. Tolkien used Beowulf as his initial inspiration for his story, so distinct connections are easily found. For example, Beorn, a character who shapeshifts into a bear-like form, is closely related to Beowulf himself. Both of their names translate to “bear” and they have similar superhuman strength. Additionally, Bilbo, the main character from the novel, is hired as a “thief” by a group of dwarves who are desperate to reclaim their homeland under the Lonely Mountain. The dragon Smaug stole it from the…show more content…
The high school hierarchy has affected adolescents for generations and it is not a particularly positive characteristic of the American society. However, it does play an important role despite the often negative outcomes. In 10 Things I Hate About You, most, if not all, the characters are placed into a stereotype, true to their behavior or not. For example, Kat and Patrick were placed into the delinquent category due to their rejection of others, rules, and popular ideas. Though their outward appearances make it appear to be true, their real experiences and qualities prove that discrimination to be false. In the film, Patrick proves a rumor wrong to Kat when he explains: “I wasn 't in jail. I don 't know Marilyn Manson and I didn 't sleep with a Spice Girl, I don 't think. You see, my grandpa, he was ill so I spent most of the year on his couch… watching Wheel of Fortune and making Spaghettios” (Junger). The school placed a label on him from a small amount of information, just like most schools do today when they label nerds, band geeks, jocks, and popular girls. Other characters such as Cameron, Michael, and Mandella are also placed into undesirable groups, despite their good hearted personalities. The iconic scene where Michael introduces Cameron to the cliques at school is also a crucial example. Stereotypes are a social epidemic that needs to be addressed, but most likely won’t be. Everyone belongs somewhere in society, but there is more overlap and diversity in people compared to what most teenagers see in others. For instance, Bianca wasn’t able

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