Connections Of George Orwell's Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

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David pope Alan Rogers American Government and Economics Honors 3/1/2018 Animal Farm vs Russian Revolution The connections and similarities between the book, Animal Farm and the infamous Russian Revolution are striking. You can virtually find a doppelganger and mirrored event in Animal Farm for every figure and event that happened in the Russian revolution. Even the philosophies created are a similarity. The most obvious difference is that the story is based around farm animals and the farmer who owned Manor Farm. Orwell designed the book around farm animals to demonstrate how socialism can seem so innocent at first. Orwell uses symbolism and innuendos to connect his book Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution. One of the most prevalent connections throughout the book to Russian revolution is animals symbolizing revolution figures. Orwell uses animals to…show more content…
Jones and Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanoff’s. Mr. Jones was the farmer who had owned Manor Farm, later Animal Farm. Tsar Nicholas II and the royal family were similar because they were the rulers over Russia before the Revolution. The other obvious similarity is they were both overthrown. The animals revolted against Mr. Jones and his workers on his farm and the Romanoff’s were overthrown by the Bolsheviks and the Russian people. This connection describes how communism requires the eradication of any previous regime before it can take effect. The biggest overall connection is between Animal Farm and the Soviet Union. They both were formed after a revolution. Both of the revolutions were inspired by the principles of Communism/animalism. Both societies were exploited and manipulated by individuals who lusted for power. Which led to both governments transforming into tyrannical dictatorships. They both did not make life any better for the citizens. Orwell uses this main connection to show how communism can transform a
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