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The Case of Connie In certain tumultuous relationships, clients may sometimes endure various scenarios, which may not only be detrimental for them but for their children as well. Experiencing these stressful relationships can also have psychological implications for all parties that are involved and can possibly lead to mental health disorders, which may induce other critical consequences, such as drug abuse, physical abuse from the victim or even suicide as well. To further understand this type of scenario, I will provide an example of these circumstances by briefly describing the case of Connie. From it, I will construct and explicate my diagnosis, explain potential risk of suicide/homicide that may be present within the client and how I…show more content…
Before meeting her husband Connie had close relationship with her family and friends. During her high school years she was a decent student and a cheerleader with no prior history or links to depression or mental disorders in her family. Once she married her husband Donald she started noticing that he did not want visitors at their home or wanted her to spend time with her friends after work. Despite his request, Connie became pregnant and before beginning her third trimester, started getting into violent arguments with Donald, resulting in him punching her during their last argument. She then spent a week with her family after the incident until Donald pleaded for her return. Between Connie returning home and her procreating, no violence occurred in their home, until after she gave birth. Connie disclosed that Donald was ingesting Cocaine each weekend, which often resulted in his violent behavior. Once she left Donald for this final time, she became extremely depressed and currently has trouble concentrating on tasks. She is not only pale and thin but has a limiting appetite that has caused her to lose ten pounds within three months. Connie also divulged that she frequently cries, wakes up early and has trouble falling…show more content…
In addition, the client has demonstrated the following symptoms: (A.1) a depressed mood for the majority of the day, (A.2) has a diminished interest in most activities throughout the day, (A.3) has disclosed a significant weight loss from a daily decrease in appetite, (A.4) Insomnia almost daily, (A.6) fatigue almost daily, (A.7) feelings of being worthless (A.8) a diminished ability to concentrate, (B.) has caused her an impairment in social functioning with friends and (C.) has shown that these symptoms are not attributed to the somatic effects of a substance or medical condition. Her melancholic features have exemplified (A.1) a loss in almost all activities, (B.1) a distinct quality of a depressed mood characterized by a profound despondency, (B.3) early-morning awakening, (B.5) significant weight loss and (B.6) inappropriate guilt as well. The client also meets the criteria for persistent Insomnia Disorder because she displays symptoms that have lasted for three months or more. In addition, she has also exemplified the following symptoms: (A.3) early-morning awakening with the inability to return back to sleep, (B.) the sleep disturbance has caused an impairment in behavioral and social functioning for the client, (C.) has difficulty sleep at least three nights a

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