Where Are Going Where Have You Been Character Analysis

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The character Connie in Joyce Carol Oates short story “Where Are Going, Where Have You Been?” has a lot of issues. The problems Connie has with her social life, family, and the people that she talks to come to control her future which anticipates the development of her character, this correlating to her unfortunate death. The Bob Dylan song “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” perfectly describes her situation which was the inspiration for Oates 's story. In 'Where Are You Going Where Have You Been ' music is a big influence on Connie and Friend specifically rock ‘n ' roll music. Throughout this story, there are plenty of references to music becoming a lifestyle and characters mimicking their favorite artists ' clothing trends. The revolution…show more content…
Society progressively began to recognize that teenagers became a viable target group for commercial and retail purposes therefore catering to their needs. A 1959 Life magazine article reported that teens spent around $10 billion annually on products specifically geared toward their subcultures such as records, clothing, and transistor radios (Overview,1). Along with this, car sales were also on the rise in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In this era having a flashy automobile was a symbol of social status and sex appeal. In this way Arnold used teens’ appeal to gold and new trends to grab Connie 's attention. “Gold evokes the feeling of prestige, the meaning of gold is wisdom and wealth. Gold often symbolizes high quality” Arnolf has a golden jalopy that he uses to get the attention of young girls (“See Color Theory In Action”, 1). Connie is said to have a childlike walk as well as desire this is conveyed to Arnold when Connie is walking by Arnold and she acts like she is more mature than she really is. The color wheel also tells us that men perceive yellow as very lighthearted ‘childish’ color (“See Color Theory In Action”, 1) The 1950’s generation of teenagers was restless. Like many teenagers in the era Connie feels as though she only receives superficial love from her family…show more content…
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