Connie Noey's Wife Analysis

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Connie wanted two things in her life, freedom, and escape. All she ever wanted was to leave her house and go out with her friends and live a normal teenager life, simple. She felt trapped and forced to be a certain way by her family. Her mother wanted Connie to be more like her older sister June. June was nice, quiet, respectful woman and was a secretary at a school. Setting the example of what it means to be a “perfect” women in society and for her family. Connie felt held back by her family and their beliefs but at the same time she did not know what she could do but obey her parent 's rules. Stuck in between of freeing herself and staying like her older sister did. Moreover, June portrays what society expects women to act and Connie represents rebellion, but still stuck in this view on how people perceive women. Connie wants to rebel against society, she does not want to end up in a boring workplace…show more content…
In contrast, men are seen as rough, dominant, ruthless person. There is no in between on how a woman should act or how a man should look. There are these set rules in place and if you go against you will be put down and not seen as a human being in society. “He wagged a finger and laughed and said, ‘Gonna get you, baby,’” (Oates, 350). There is this stigma that men are supposed to be confident in their tone and that any women will come right at him, that there is no limit to what a man can say. Yet, for women they can’t be saying those things, they can’t be controlling and overpowering. They have to stay at home find a job that is “suitable” for women. Connie’s family expects Connie to be June to stay home. Women are not supposed to be seen with a lot of men because then they are called sluts or whores. Connie did not care about what she would be called, she cared about living her life and not to be bother by anyone. Still, Connie was strapped by society web of expectations for all
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