Joyce Carol Oates's Short Story Where Are You Going?

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Where are you going? Where have you been? is about a beautiful teenager named Connie. She does not have the best relationship with her parents but she tries her best to get through each day. Connie and her group of friends usually go to a drive in to hangout and eat. One-night Connie realized she was being watched by a guy. She is not sure who but she was suspicious about it. Connie was home alone one night because her mom and sister had gone to her aunt’s barbecue and her father was also out. About an hour went by since she had been home alone and she heard a car pull up into the driveway. It could not be anyone from her family since they did not leave too long ago. Connie went to the front door and realized it was the same guy she saw a few nights ago watching her. He believed that him and Connie were “in love” and meant to be together. He continued to be very persistent with getting Connie in his car. He said he was not going to leave her house until she got in the car. Connie decided to reach for the phone to call the police but that was not a good decision. He forced her to hang up the phone and come out to the car. Once, Connie got into the car they left and he took her to a place she did not recognize with lots of land. Oates portrays the young teenager, Connie as someone who…show more content…
there are a variety of symbols used. For example, Oates points out that “not only “33” is part of Arnold’s “secret code” of numbers, but his sign “X” that seems to hover in the air, is also one of the symbols for Christ” (Wilson). The author is explaining the symbol as being related to the church. The author describes how the “X” is hovering in the air meaning that it is remaining in one place. According to Oates, the sign of the “X” was a symbol of friendship. Arnold says “Don’t you know I’m your friend? Didn’t you see me put my sign in the air when you walked by?” (Oates ). It is clearly suggested that Arnolds ‘sign’
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