Connor Quiney Character Analysis

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Connor Quiney always knew who he was; funny, friendly, and in his own words, “lit.” Many impacts that came from his childhood has shaped him into the person we know today.

To elaborate, Quiney’s athletics have played an immense role in his current personality. Quiney has been involved in a vast variety of sports, such as swimming, tennis, lacrosse and football, but out of all of them hockey is the sport he wants to continue with in life, including college.

Quiney’s father has played an impact on Connor’s fondness for the sport. For instance, Connor’s father had played the sport all the way through high school, to where he eventually introduced the sport to Connor in 7th grade.

“He says I better not get knocked over from a hit,” Quiney recalls. “That and to have fun.”

Hockey has certainly made its
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“My father is a car’s salesman,” he said. When I asked him about any chance of pursing a different career, he states, “No. I want to be a car’s salesman.” The reasoning behind the lack of wanting a different future is most likely the same mind frame as his father, as it can be noted how similar the two are. In fact, Quiney talks about how he only has a few similarities with his mother, such as hair color.

However, despite this, hockey still dominates young Quiney’s life, including his judgment towards other decisions.

To illustrate, when asked if he could see himself outside of the borders Byron Center, Connor says, “I like Canada, I like how they talk. Yeah, from Canada, eh?”

While Quiney blames his fondness for the country is because of the accents they harbor their, and that his boats are currently there, it small portion of it could be because hockey is a huge part of Canadian culture. Or, it was simply a joke, as we know that never being serious is a large part of Quiney’s personality, but the coincidence is
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