Critical Discourse Analysis In Newspapers

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The newspapers still the main source of hard and important news story for people. Therefore, news headlines are extremely important to keep the newspaper’s value and the stories importance to grab the readers’ attention. The popularity and readability of the article quite often depends on the headline which is a representative part of the article and can, therefore, be considered as the most important part of publicist articles (Rich, 2010, p.259)
The connotation of the news headline is important and pervasive source of language heightening in what headlines of the newspapers concern. Headlines are the most important part of the newspaper page, because they are the first text that a newspaper reader’s eye catches when buying or reading
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Critical Discourse Analysis is based on a critical understanding that dominant ideologies tend to reproduce and value the dominant social relations and the dominant belief systems. Therefore, Prince Harry is the son of one of the most important woman in the 20th centaury “Princes Diana”, he is also a royalty from United Kingdom “Britten.” She has a huge impact on people’s heart and lives, either after her death she never was forgotten, and always had an impact of her stories on her fans. The headline starts with the word “Prince Harry,” which gives it the power from the beginning of the sentence. The headline tells the readers that the Prince Harry went to a trip from Europe to one of the GCC countries Oman, and had a sword fight there. As sword fight is one of Oman’s traditional entertaining in their culture. The headline tells us that Prince Harry has participated in one of these traditions entertaining events during his visit to Oman. Therefore, the headline summarizes the news in one sentence and tells the reader what he is about to read about but in more…show more content…
As you can see that the Prince Harry wearing a modern formal uniform, pants and while shirt while having the sword fight with one of the Omani’s citizens who is wearing a traditional uniform. Moreover, the caption is communicated with both headline and the photograph. However, the headline and the photograph both contain Hegemony means When a particular “ideology” or worldview is dominant in a society and accepted as natural by the majority of people, one can say it has ‘hegemony’. The concept describes how people are influenced into accepting the dominance of a power elite, who imposes their worldview and their will through “consent.” As mentioned, that Prince Harry is not only a Prince he is also the son of one the most loved woman in history Princes Diana. The photo captured a joyful moment of the Prince with a big smile on his face, which shows that he is happy and enjoying his trip to the Arabic kingdom

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