Conodoguinet Creek Is Not Polluted Essay

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I hypothesized that the Conodoguinet Creek is polluted. Through my research I have found that the Conodoguinet Creek is not polluted. One reason it is not polluted is because most of the macroinvertebrates and crustaceans we found in the creek are pollution sensitive creatures. Another reason the creek is not polluted is the level of acidity and alkalinity is 7 which is a healthy number on the pH scale. If the acidity or alkalinity levels were high scientists would have to find a way to neutralize the acid and alkaline. We also did not find a high level of phosphates and nitrates in the water. My group also did a dissolved oxygen test on the water. The velocity of the surface water of the creek is at a normal rate. The Conodoguinet Creek appears to be healthy right now. The main…show more content…
We found a little number of Phosphates and Nitrates in the water. That is healthy because these two chemicals are in fertilizers and detergents, they can harm the creek and all the creatures living in the creek. They get into the water through the eutrophication process. Bacteria eat phosphates and nitrates so that means there is a little number of bacteria in this creek. The dissolved oxygen level of the creek is high which is healthy. All the chemical tests we did prove that the Conodoguinet Creek is healthy and not polluted. All the data I collected about the velocity of the creek says that the deeper you get into the creek, the faster the water will move. When we got to location two of the creek it was the deepest and the creek was also moving the fastest at that point. When we got to location 5 which was the part of the creek that had the shallowest water, the speed of the water was slow. I also know that the deeper you get into the water the faster it will get because when I put my data into a data plot graph it showed a positive correlation between the depth of the water and the speed of the surface
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