Conquering The K2 Analysis

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Conquering the K2 – A story of heroism.
Just few years back i got the opportunity to climb Drift Peak near Leadville with my friend Sherpa and Lee. Lee was an expert at climbing peaks and he had even conquered the amazing K2 peak of the mesmerising Himalayas. A sturdy man with a passion for the mountains and a clear vision to reach to the top, Lee was a simple man. I knew him since my college days and he was always good at adventure and sports compared to academics. On our way to the peak on a winter morning, he promised that if we could summit with him to the top then he would tell us his true story of how he was “almost killed” by the mountain.
It was a difficult trek on the Drift Peak in winter season but we were excited to learn about his adventure. This gave me and Sherpa more courage to ascent the peak. I had expected the story of his victory on the northwest side of Torreys Peak where he was injured by a rock that slammed onto his feet, breaking three of his bones. Later he used his ski poles as crutches to reach to the foot of the hill and drive back home, but this was something more than i expected.
Finally the three of us reached the top of the snowy ridge and i was quite satisfied with my small victory. I was
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He was always in love with the mountains since childhood as he was born in Pangkhoma village in Eastern Nepal, near to the Himalayas. Later we met in Srinagar where he came for higher education but still his passion for mountaineering was not at all compromised. His favorite weekend plan would be to trek in the mountains and forest area. He even took some professional training in mountaineering to become a qualified climber. He learnt modern climbing techniques and ethics during his training period and he grew as a mountaineer. He has successfully climbed six of the Himalayan peaks, several other Alpine peaks in Nepal and even mountain peaks in France and
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