Conrad Swot Analysis Essay

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Conrad has lots of needs, but his first priority is to learn to communicate effectively with his parents and his peers. He has trouble sleeping, and when he does sleep, he is having nightmares of the traumatic accident that .triggered his symptoms of depression and PTSD. With the help of Dr. Berger and medication Conrad will be able to sleep throughout the night. Conrad is having survivor’s guilt, he blames himself for the boating accident, which killed his brother Buck that manifested physically, emotionally, and socially so in turn, he lost his appetite, has very little social contact with friends, and cannot concentrate in class. Conrad, will learn his triggers for PTSD with the help of Dr. Berger and I, he will also learn to accept he does not have to try and be his brother. He will learn new coping skills. Strengths Conrad has a lot of strength he push himself to pick up the phone and reach out to Dr. Berger. Conrad in between depression and acceptance tried to seek help in order to move completely into the acceptance. Although, he was having feeling of helplessness and loneliness from his loss he open himself to complimented young lady asked her out. Conrad is able to…show more content…
His relationships with his parents needs a lot of work mainly his mother. He needs to be reassured that he is just as important as his brother Buck. Conrad quit the swim team, because he felt the members of the team was his brother’s friend not his. I think the swim team should be part of his healing process and can help his self-esteem which suffered dramatically because of all of the pain he held
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