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Adoption is the action or fact of adopting or being adopted. Adoption has personally touched my life with the adoption of my sisters, and my brother Nolan. Alexis, was the first one adopted in my family when she was adopted from Florida. Alexis was in a poor circumstance when she lived in Florida, but her birth parents traits are seen in Alexis. I was then born from my parents and was not adopted. Next came Nolan who has a very interesting story. Nolan was found in the McDonalds at the mall underneath the sink in the girls bathroom. We then took Nolan into foster care and eventually we adopted him. Mara finally came from Florida just like her sister Alexis and she became adopted. As you can tell adoption has completely touched my family positively.…show more content…
There are benefits for the the birth mother and the birth father once they give up their child for adoption. The main one is that they get the opportunity to pursue their goals and their dreams. They can also access the needed guidance and counseling from other birthmothers. There is also a better chance that their adopted child can achieve higher levels of education and follow their dreams. There is also the feeling that their child are in a better place. Obviously there is a lot of positive outcomes that come with…show more content…
Here are some interesting facts when it comes ethnicity and adoption. 56% of the nation 's children are non-hispanic white, and out of all adopted children only 37% are non-hispanic white (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). That is compared to 14% non-hispanic black children compared to 23% of all adopted children are non-hispanic black. Non-hispanic asians are 4% of all children, non-hispanic make up 15% of all adopted children. 20% of all children are Hispanic, but adopted children that are hispanic are only 15.

There are many questions when it comes to the adoptive parents. A question may be how old is an adoptive parent? The answer to that question is that most adoptive parents are between the ages of 37-45. Who becomes adoptive parents? Adoptive parents are usually couples who have been married for three years and are sometimes the same sex, or of the opposite sex. Why do people adopt? Most people, about 95% of adoptions happen because of infertility. How many children are adopted annually? Annually there are 1.6 million children adopted, and surprisingly there are only 98,000 that are less than one year

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