Cons Of Censorship In Society

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To be real every person has an opinion on every matter they encounter and issue they deal with, we like a president more than another, we like a system better than another, we are more comfortable with expressing through social media as it is mainly made for the purpose of being heard and putting yourself out there but carefully and be smart about it since hackers infest this world and there are man reoccurring cases of identity theft and privacy trespassing. That being said with all human interests there are certain forms of art or cults that are very controversial and not suitable for all ages or people and so social media is censored to a certain extent. Does censorship protect us or violate the human right of freedom of speech? To…show more content…
Some pf the cons for media censorship are, it keeps the ignorant…ignorant, there is the tendency that things, which can expose corruption within the system, could not be viewed, this is an exploitable way to damage the people of a country. It violates the First Amendment, freedom of speech and press is implemented for a reason, it is what the US was formed around. And, putting into effect an excessive amount of media censorship can infringe on this on this basic right of the people. Also, censorship is believed to negate the First Amendment. What would be the point of your right to speak when there is nobody listening to what you are talking about? The very concept of censorship is believed to clash with the idea of democracy, by covering the ears of listeners, then democracy and dictatorship would be no different. It encourages ulterior motives, placing the government in charge of what can be shown on the media can be risky, considering that many politicians might be aligned with brands or companies, they may only allow these affiliates to advertise, they may also not allow anything negative to come out about these brands, no matter how true it is. It hinders sex education and awareness, though taboo, sex and other delicate matters should still be dealt with maturity., sex education and awareness of AIDS and STDs need to be spread in many countries, and it is unwise to brush these pressing topics under the carpet as taboo. It violates website owners’ legal rights to make their information accessible, some owners of websites that are censored would possibly sue the government for keeping their online information from being accessible to their target audience, though not a common situation, but it is a possibility among site owners if their content is being strictly regulated, this shows that regulations can be unnecessary and unlawful. The most irritating
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