Pros And Cons Of Social Media Censorship

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To be real every person has an opinion on every matter they encounter and issue they deal with, we like a president more than another, we like a system better than another, we are more comfortable with expressing through social media as it is mainly made for the purpose of being heard and putting yourself out there but carefully and be smart about it since hackers infest this world and there are man reoccurring cases of identity theft and privacy trespassing. That being said with all human interests there are certain forms of art or cults that are very controversial and not suitable for all ages or people and so social media is censored to a certain extent. Does censorship protect us or violate the human right of freedom of speech? To answer that we need to understand what is censored and why is…show more content…
The government fears that showing violent content leads to violent behaviours but could showing real world problems be beneficial? To everything its pros and cons social media has its own but the pros over power the cons so lets discuss this censorship and its impact on the people. The united arab Emirates is a prosperous country with high education and great reputation, it is safe and a heaven to tourists, we all know that there are alot of sites and accounts blocked from being viewed in this country for religious or political opposition besides all Israeli domains and anything against perceived moral views of the UAE, it is rare that any news is censored even new critical to UAE but any pornography, gambling, dating and other culturally or religiously offensive content .Censorship on social media it comes in many forms, mainly it’s the measurements that the governments take to restrict citizen’s freedom of expression or access to information and the prevention of negative propaganda to spread. But this censorship comes with pros and
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