Cons Of Football Research Paper

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Football is a well known sport in America. To some it plays a big role in their lives. Football has been an american favorite for a good amount of time. Although well known and loved it does come with it 's dangers. It can be seriously dangerous and can even cause death. It can cause serious long term problems that affect the health and mind of young athletes if they are hit in the head hard enough. Football can be of some good though it carries both pros and cons. It 's pros consist of helping young people by keeping them healthy and in shape. It also promotes good habits like exercising every day for at least 30 minutes. If it would ever come down to my children asking to play football i would probably say no. I don 't even have kids and i 'm already overprotective of them. The last thing I want is a child with a severe concussion or even a dead one! I can not even think about seeing my child hurt. It hurts me thinking about…show more content…
I may seem unreasonable and I too see that I am overthinking it but it 's better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. I just don 't see why people would tackle each other for fun. It seems kind of barbaric and I don 't think pain is fun. I 'd rather my child do track or tennis or even swim team. Football seems a little too extreme. I can’t see really how my children would even play football. How does a nerdy person even make an athlete? I don 't understand.
But I guess my point is that football is very dangerous and can be dangerous. It can make so many things go wrong. People can get amnesia and forget themselves. They get older then they turn crazy! I can 't have that. Not for my babies! Not on my watch. The least I can do is actually try to be a
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