Three Parenting Styles

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How the child is being raised has an impact on what he will be and it could also be a reason for the adolescents to be delinquent. According to Psychologists, there are four parenting styles which couple practices that have different pros and cons that can either help or disrupt a child’s well-being (Very Well: Learn How Each Parenting Style Impacts Children, Parenting Style).
First parenting style is the Authoritarian Parenting. In this style of parenting, a stern, strict attitude is generally the approach taken. This means that there is a demand to follow the rules of the house which have no exceptions and if those rules are broken, the child will suffer punishments (Health Research Although this type of parenting promotes
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This type of parenting doesn’t offer much discipline. Parents tend to give so much freedom to their children. There may be few consequences for misbehavior because parents have an attitude of “kids will be kids.” Permissive parents are good of a friend role than a parent role. They may encourage their children to talk with them about their problems but may not discourage a lot of bad behavior. Children who grow up with permissive parents tend to struggle academically and physically. They often have low self-esteem or self-trust and could gain a lot of sadness. They may build more behavioral problems as they will likely not appreciate authority and rules. Related to that, they are more inclined to doing illegal acts that could result to their being delinquents since they are not given proper…show more content…
First was Sir Delmo from CSWD of Dumaguete City, the head of the Dumaguete Youth Homes located at Talay, Dumaguete City. According to Mr. Delmo, the most number of delinquents at the DYH are being raised using the permissive way of parenting. He added, “what will happen in here is that their parents are working and no one can guide or supervise them that’s why they can do what they want to do.” In this case, they can do what they want to do because their parents aren’t always there but they are not being neglected. But according to him, there also cases that the parents are very strict and it could cause the child to feel bad, would likely to rebel and leave the house and some would do bad acts just to get their parent’s attention. The second person we interviewed was from the Dumaguete City Police Station named Mrs. Alalong. She said, “when we talk about those who can’t go to school, there are the ones we see at the park using rugby. They do this because their parents do not care about them. Also, because of this, some will find their own way to eat something. To those cases where the parents have jobs, usually, the parents are very busy and they cannot monitor their children. What will happen here is that the children will find new group or peers and if those peers are doing bad things, the child will more likely to do the
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