Cons Of Standardized Testing Essay

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Considering these pros into action, there are cons to it. Higher salary based on standardized tests will have negative effects. More manipulation of test results will occur within this. If school board officials are seeing that students are achieving higher test scores, they will take action and give teachers the bonuses, but what the school board does not know is that the teachers are the ones manipulating the tests for their own benefits in this case for money. “Cheating teachers are on the rise as figures show the number illicitly helping children pass GCSE and A-level exams has trebled in the past two years” (Turner). The amount of stress standardized testing gives to one can cause this type of cheating on tests by teachers. Teachers feel all this pressure when they see they will get bonuses based on the scores their students receive and if they are not a good teacher they will have to improvise and manipulate the results just to get that one bonus they crave badly. “There were 388 penalties issued to school and college…show more content…
When competition of merit pay are in hand, not only are teachers in for it but as well as administrators, school boards, and school districts. More individuals will want to become teachers because they will be hearing about the bonuses in pay. “Pay-based incentives for student achievement create competition--either subtle or overt--among colleagues” (Magill). Every student deserves to have a good learning environment without facing problems with their teacher and the teachers colleagues. “Teaching is a collaborative process that requires cooperation, support and teamwork for the benefit of students” (Magill). At times competition can be good for an individual to show off what he or she have in them, but when it comes to teaching students, competition can go
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