Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Teach. Test. Repeat. This is the simplified modification of teaching being done in a high school now-a-days. “We are going to take a pop-quiz,” are words that most probably will not be spoken in a real-life job after college is over. Instead, the boss will present a problem and expect its employees to come up with solutions to this problem , anticipated to be presented for discussion later that week. It is expected, in whatever career, to know simple skills like problem solving and even how to write a well-educated report based on research. Many schools have switched over to standardized testing as an accurate measure of a student’s, teacher, and a school’s success. However, evidence shows that standardized tests lead to stress, most importantly, among teenagers, and most information is not carried on past high school. Our current test-driven curriculum should be replaced with a teaching-learning model that better prepares students for adulthood. Using standardized tests as the principle measuring tool of a student’s success is misleading the future leaders of our country to focus more on preparation for these tests that ill-prepare young people for the true problems and questions in the real world. Standardized tests, such as the ACT and the SAT, have been used for over fifty years. However, more, now than ever, standardized tests have become a huge role in a student’s education and future. Standardized tests were created, originally, to test ability, not achievement.
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