Lady Macbeth The Conscience And Masculinity Killer

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Lady Macbeth the Conscience and Masculinity Killer Masculinity is something all strong men want to pride themselves upon. Chris Kyle wakes up in the Morning during the early hours in Afghanistan. Chris is a U.S. Navy SEAL. He is 6’2 and 195 pounds of pure muscle and power. But when Chris returns home after his deployment his wife questions his love for his family and says with a broken heart, that if he was a true man, he would understand that his family needs him. Chris tells his wife that he won’t leave for another deployment but consequently he ends up deciding to leave again which just builds up his wifes questioning of his masculinity. Another challenge could be the fact that since Chris has been overseas for so long with only warriors that all he…show more content…
This is hard for Chris because no one has questioned his masculinity and the first person to do it, is his wife. A man’s masculinity is one of the most important things to a man and he is bound to uphold it but if it is threatened, it can be catastrophic. It can be said that Lady Macbeth is not the cause of Macbeth 's downfall. A reason for this could be that Macbeth is in charge of himself and can make his own decisions about what to do in situations. Macbeth could have decided not to kill the king and decided that it was the wrong thing to do. Macbeth declares that he no longer wants to kill the king because king Duncan is Macbeth’s guest. Another Reason Lady Macbeth is not responsible for Macbeth’s downfall is that Macbeth was the one that ultimately killed the king. Macbeth 's ambition to kill the king isn’t all Lady Macbeth’s fault.
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