Role Of Metacognition In Fahrenheit 451

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Metacognition is the process of thinking about thinking or being aware and understanding of one’s own thought process. As students and members of society, this still is critical to creating a high functioning world. For the individual, this provides a way to view past experiences and optimize successful ways of the past. As one continues throughout their education path, this skill is critical to creating a high function learning environment. Simply by looking at what was successful in the past, it becomes easier to develop assessments that are flexible to all learning styles. This skill of metacognition can be used in everyday life, specifically when connecting it the course theme of consciousness and awareness. The respectable judge Antonin…show more content…
This is a challenging this to do when bad decisions are generally easier. Yet if one is guided by their conscience then they will be lead away from these easier choices, and instead, be doing what is right. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the main character Guy faces a challenging time as he realizes the unhappiness that has plagued his community. Here, Guy faces a choice between letting his society remain the way it is or to fight for change, and go against social norms. It would have been much easier to let things remain the same, yet his conscience was pushing him to do what was right, as displayed in a conversing with Faber. The battle between maintaining a good conscience and doing what is easy is found throughout literature, with the same problem being found in Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. In this play, the titled character faces a difficult dessin in which he decides if he should kill King Duncan and take the throne. After consideration, Macbeth goes against his conscience and kills the king, propelling him onto a path filled with difficult decisions. Now Macbeth is set on a dark path, as he begins to deal with the consequences of his actions. This is shown when towards the end of the play, Macbeth looks back and sees all of the destruction he has caused. If Macbeth had simply followed his conscience he would not have been set down this dark path, which eventually leads to his…show more content…
The choices that a person makes has to work towards keeping both a strong conscience and maintaining good morals. This balances between the two qualities are shown in the novel 19 Minutes when judge Cormier is faced with an incredibly challenging lesson. As the acting judge in the case of the shooting, it is up to her how those responsible are punished. Yet when her own daughter confesses on the stand to being apart of the shooting, she has to decide how to handle the situation. The judge had an important decision as he has to decide if she will follow her conscience and morals saying to uphold the law or protect her daughter. The challenging decision to stay true to morals or to let person factors affect her was obvious. Judge Cormier is not the only character who was put into a difficult choice of whether to stay true to morals or not. In the Shakespeare play Macbeth, Banquo is faced with a challenging decision as he turns away power to stay loyal to his king. Despite hearing that he will be the father of kings, Banquo choice not to act against his king, and instead stay loyal to his conscience and leader. The night before Macbeth kills the king, Banquo even states this to Macbeth, when he says he will help Macbeth, as long as he can keep a clean conscience. Banquo made the challenging decision to keep true to both his conscience and morals, making him a good
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