Conscience In Hamlet

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Conscience does not make cowards of us all. Hamlet shows many examples of this throughout the play. Hamlet provides how people can go crazy and lose their minds and he shows many examples of losing conscience but he also does not let his conscience make him a coward. A better statement would be conscience makes a lot/most people cowards but definitely not of all people. A great example of hamlet not being a coward would be when he goes to talk to his mom and he ends up killing polonius. He was losing his mind and his conscience did not affect him because he knew he was going to when he heard something move. He also did not let his conscience affect him when he was planning to kill claudius because her mother married his uncle and it was insest and weird. He wanted to kill claudius because the ghost also his father in death form told him that claudius killed his father to have the kingdom and his mother all to himself. Hamlets conscience told him to kill claudius and grew hatred for him so his conscience and every thought he had told him to kill and that…show more content…
Hamlet is wrong because he gets himself killed and he was not in his right mind. His conscience did not kill him but it sure helped kill him because he wanted to act tough and not back down. An example is ophelia kills herself after going into madness because of hamlet. Hamlet was not only hurting/killing himself he was also hurting the others around him too. He drove claudius into paranoidness because claudius was scared that he was going to kill him and hamlet did succeed but he also died too, an eye for an eye. Hamlet should have been placed in a mental hospital in todays day and age but that did not happen, he ended up hurting all of his peers. Hamlet is wrong because he thinks killing people will solve the issue which it will not so that is why he
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