The Importance Of Motivation To Succeed In Life

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In order to succeed in life, be it in school, or at work, or even in relationships, one of the key factors is motivation. Motivation can come from two ways: intrinsic and extrinsic. There are always teachers and friends who can try to help and motivate you, but there is always a limit and the rest have to be up to oneself. In school, teachers can guide the student in completing their school work, and help them in understanding facts to prepare them for an examination. The teachers can provide all the notes which is useful for the examinations. However, it is still up to the student to go back home and revise the notes and do extra practice on the given subject if needed. A conscientious student will be independent and try to complete and understand the subject during or after school hours. If the student does not understand certain points and wants to do well in the subject, he or she will raise questions during class, or even do further research in the library or use online resources to answer any doubts he or she has. On the other hand, a lazy student will not feel the need to be so hardworking and may only want to get the examinations over and done with. No matter how much the teachers spoon-feed this indolent student, he or she will only put the textbooks and notes aside.…show more content…
Motivation for work can come from monetary rewards, employee benefits, job promotions, as well as an inspiring team leader. If you are one who is only concerned with the stability of the job, and is satisfied with having a fixed income, then all you have to do is to complete the expected duties and go about having a routine job scope. Unless you are someone who is ambitious and wants to climb up the corporate ladder, you will try to spur yourself to work even harder to impress your bosses, so that there is a higher chance of a job

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