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Employee efficiency sets goals for the workers and motivates to involvement with the organization, which would cause greater inspiration and increased job performance. Numerous research have been performed to discover the connection between character and worker efficiency. These analysis has proven that there is a little connection between these two factors. Previous research showed that personality is not a right tool for increasing worker performance but recently there has been a rise in the use of character tests to be able to control and improve worker efficiency. Barrick, Mount and Tett proved that the Big Five can be a useful device for the selection of workers and were the main personality structure. Out of the Big Five, conscientiousness…show more content…
It also depends on the success of the business itself including employee relations, environment and successful explanation of company’s objectives. It is extremely crucial for the organization that workers perform well by demonstrating Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB). Nowadays firms have to be very competitive, innovative and respond instantly to changes in the market and for this they need hard-working and dedicated employees. OCB encourages behaviour such as helping others at their job, suggesting improvements and putting in extra time and effort to complete the job effectively and efficiently to meet deadlines. Leader-member exchange highly improves job quality and fulfilment and aids in demonstrating OCB. For firms to be able to incorporate the OCB, they have to hire people who have conscientiousness traits as they demonstrate OCB behaviour which often results in progression within an organization in special offers and job satisfaction. The workers in return gain respect and recognition for their work from the management which increases motivation and further inspire to adopt OCB. Employees with conscientiousness traits have great LMX quality relationships with their superiors. This leads to high levels of job satisfaction from implementing OCB giving them more responsibility and freedom and present constantly new opportunities for them. It is important to note that benefits of the OCB are mutual to company and its workers as well as third parties such as customers, suppliers etc. OCB works as an incentive for employees as they know that they will be not only well rewarded for their hard-work done which consequently encourages positive behaviour and turn professional success for the individual. It is a win-win situation. A meta-analysis by Borman revealed that conscientiousness was the most powerful trait
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