Conscious Consumer Analysis

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Conscious consumers are those that are ready to pay the extra amount for the food that they are willing to pay. In addition to this, conscious consumers are the people that possess the attitude to purchase the products that are manufactured in environmentally and socially responsible manner. This depicts the fact that conscious consumers are the people that are concerned about the foods and mostly prefer the items that are produced in the manner that proves to be beneficial for the society. Through this, it is also noticed that conscious consumers are the people that they make their purchasing behaviour as per the perspective of the society and environment. In addition to this, it is observed from a survey conducted that majority of the adults…show more content…
However, due to the advancement in the technology each & every individual get the maximum benefit from it particularly by concentrating on their health issues. It is noted that most of the people in developed country preferred ecological food as compare to other for the reason that these types of food is prepared under the supervision of expert team by considering the ethical and belief issues of the consumer. It is found that the consumption rate of organic food in US is around 13% that might be increase gradually . Moreover, it is important for the success of ecological food manufacturer that they should consider some key elements that can easily influence the overall market in both ways positive and negative. Some of the key elements are as…show more content…
Moreover, the cost of different ecological food is quite high that must be reduce to some extent in order to facilitate all individuals to get the high quality food in limited amount of resources. It is noticed that cost is the only factor that can easily disrupt the overall activities of a business quite badly for the reason that higher cost of the product would discourage consumers to consume these products frequently. However, it is a prior duty of the top officials of an organisation that they should formulate appropriate strategies in order to minimise the cost of the product to some extent that might help them to get the maximum market share without any further

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