Conscription In Canada During Ww1 Essay

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Events from the Home Front #1 - Conscription One of the most serious controversies experienced by many at the home front during WW1 was conscription. In 1914 Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden declared that conscription would never be necessary in Canada. Only 2810 men signed up to fight during the war but the Canadian government needed more men. In 1917 conscription was introduced and men were forced to enlist for the war as a result of the Military Service Act that was passed by Prime Minister Borden. Men aged 20-45 were forced to leave their families, join the war and fight for Britain. The English wanted French-Canadians to join, because they felt that Quebec had not pulled their own weight. Quebec refused to join which lead to riots in Montreal, the government needed help from the …show more content…

One of Canada’s strengths was its major contributions to the war such as soldiers, supplies and victories that helped Canada gain a new sense of maturity. After gaining their own Commander of Canadian Corps. in 1917, Canada was seen as being less dependent on Britain, because it was slowly starting to become its own separate nation. Canada was invited to the Paris Peace Conference and given two seats. Canada signed the Treaty of Versailles in its own right as an independent country, and the identity of Canada had changed as a result of WW1. As a country Canada’s strengths included, gaining autonomy through persevering and showing just how mature and ready Canadians were to be in charge of their own army; and be recognized as a separate country from Britain. Another one of Canada’s strengths was how calmly autonomy was achieved after the war. Canada did not need to make a fuss about becoming their own country because it was obvious that they were already ready for that. Their proof was presented in how they planned and executed their battles, and fought alongside Britain to successfully defeat

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