Consensus And Disagreement Analysis

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Firstly, this question needs to be broken down and understood. The first thing that must be understood is the definition of robust. Robust for me, and this essay, is that robust is going to mean a large and solid amount of something and in this case it is describing knowledge. Therefore this knowledge will be very vast and also understood to a good degree. Though more importantly what is consensus and what is disagreement? Consensus and disagreement are easily two sides of a coin. Consensus being agreement upon an idea by a group of people. While disagreement being a conflicting group of ideas between people. Both may be necessary for robust knowledge or just one may be. For, each allows the knowledge of a topic to be further developed and…show more content…
The two I will discuss are history and the natural sciences. Before I do delve into these areas of knowledge it must be said that knowledge is a broad term that in both of these areas of knowledge most knowledge is gained through observations, thus a form of sense perception, and through intuition. Though in other areas of knowledge it is different like in religious knowledge systems most knowledge is based in faith and not observations or intuition. In both history and the natural sciences most if not all knowledge is created through some form of observation or intuition. Though these observations too rely on faith and reason and not just sense perception and intuition. It is through faith and reason that any observations from these areas of knowledge can have a consensus or disagreement upon them or that anyone can intuitively infere what may have occurred. For example it is unreasonable to assume that aliens arrived on Earth and built the pyramids by looking at a grain of…show more content…
It is through both of these that any scientific theory is proven or disproven. Whenever an experiment is done and gets some surprising result it is essential that it be done again. This to either confirm the result through consensus or disprove the result as an outlier or biased data through disagreement. There are many great example of this happening by and far the example is the recent “vaccine scare”. This is an example of when the scientific community comes together to reach a consensus that something is clearly wrong with certain data. The disagreement was that vaccines were causing autism among horrible disease in children. This was immediately disagreed with by most all of the scientific community with many researchers showing their own data to disprove that which said vaccines were causing harm. This being the consensus of the scientific community that vaccines are beneficial for people and prevent illness while not causing them. In this case robust knowledge created through a massive consensus by the scientific community in an attempt to prevent people from not vaccinating their children out of fear of this one study. The natural sciences heavily rely on these mass consensus to create robust knowledge. They allow for knowledge to be understood and regarded as something with validity and truth. The natural sciences also rely on disagreements to further the knowledge and understanding. An example of
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