Taming Of The Shrew Analysis

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“Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare is a comedy. This play which was turned into a book, was one of the few forms of entertainment in the Shakespearean era. All people both the nobles and the groundlings filled small theaters, with the nobles sitting in seats and the groundlings standing in the pit, come to see an entertaining show. Shakespeare had the challenge of needing to please everyone watching his play so that he and his actors get paid. One of the productions that he would put on is “Taming of the Shrew”. This play was about two sisters coming at the age and time of their lives to get married. One sister, Bianca was much more desirable and wanted than the other sister, Katherine. But because each sister had to get married, their father Baptista, made a rule that Bianca can’t get married until Katherine does first. This ensuring that both of his daughters end up married.This leads to one of the male characters in the book having to make the decision to marry Katherine. Petruchio was…show more content…
Petruchio had to act like a different person and show Katherine a different side of himself. When Petruchio was first wooing Katherine, he didn’t act the way he did at their wedding or in his house. Granted, Petruchio’s wooing was out of the box but he didn’t act the same. Petruchio had to show a different more cruel side of himself. Denying Katherine her basic needs like food and sleep wasn’t something he would have done normally or with a more normal girl. This is a consequence because he had to be mean to Katherine and not like himself. This again, is the price he has to pay in order to be with Katherine and get her family’s
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