Consequences Of Academic Dishonesty

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In particular, this generation known as the Generation Z is very drawn to electronic devices. Students’ specifically are known to bring cell phones to school and use them for non educational purposes, such as using social media, and even cheating. Students are not fully understanding the consequences of academic dishonesty and that it will affect them in a college or career setting.

Academic dishonesty has increased throughout the years, many experts say one reason causing this situation is ignorance of the students. In the article, “Creating Awareness of Plagiarism Among Postgraduates in a Postgraduate Course Through a Talk”, Author, Khazriyati Salehuddin states, “Ignorance has been identified as one factor that contributes to students’ excessive plagiarism.” Some students may feel as if they aren 't “smart enough”, so decide to plagiarize in order to feel more intellectual. The lack of support for these certain students can make it even worse. Other issues that contribute to this issue are students thinking it will provide a successful future.

Students are having the mentality that academic dishonesty will lead them to a successful future. In the article, “Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses: Considerations For Graduate Preparatory Programs in Higher Education”, Author, Steven Tolman (qtd. in Peterson 2009) states, “A cheating culture suggests that students are tolerant of cheating, believe in the necessity of cheating to achieve success, and they perceive everyone
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