Consequences Of Bilingualism And Translation

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Names: Angie Carreño, Laura Peña, Karen Santana Research Line: Bilingualism and Translation. Topic: Consequences of multilingualism. Research question: What consequences can the multilingualism have, for Modern Languages students of sixth semester of ECCI university? General objective: Identify the different consequences that multilingualism can have on Modern Languages students in the sixth semester of the ECCI university. Statement of the problem Learning different languages at the same time, i.e., multilingualism can develop different consequences, such as: confusion between languages, mental fatigue due to saturation of information (which causes stress in the students; from this same is derived: lack of sleep, headache, indisposition,…show more content…
Have you experienced different facets of yourself with each language you speak, for example: in English you are more spontaneous, than in Spanish, etc.) How is it? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. On a scale of 1 to 5 (one being the least likely and five the most likely) do you think that when you start learning a third language such as French or German, they have been interfered with or mixed with the other languages? (For example, say "and" or "y" in French, etc.) ________ 5. From your experience, do you consider that there are disadvantages in learning two or more languages in a short period of time, why? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Do you think that by learning languages your stress levels have increased? completely significantly a little

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