Consequences Of Bullying In School

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SUZI • Appearance –Suzi’s appearance is one of the main problems that she is being bullied in her new school. To fix this problem Suzi should ask her mum to get her cool glasses or contact lens to prevent him wearing glasses, so she wouldn’t be bullied. If her mum could take her then she could spend more time with her mum and they could bond. This will give Suzi the confidence to talk to her mum and tell her about the bullying in the school. • Loneliness – Suzi is very lonely and she has no one to talk to. She could join clubs like the musical group, because she like to play several instruments and she learn piano with the help of internet, or join groups that can help her make new friends or socialise with her peers. Suzi thinks for people to be her friends she has to buy them. She has no friends because she has moved schools and her old friends are in a different school. Her mother should consider changing her school to where her friends was and where she can’t be bullied. The maid can change her hours so she will be there when Suzi comes back from school, so there’ll be an adult in the house. There should be family bonding time, shopping time with her mother. Her mother should take an interest in Suzi so they can talk about what’s going on in their lives. •…show more content…
She is bringing large sums of money to school and that makes it a target for bullies to bully her because of her money. If Suzi could stop bring big amount of money to school then the bullying can stop. Her mum should minimize the amount Suzi takes to school. Too much money to a place like schools can lead to the person being
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