Conflict Management Techniques

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Conflict Management


What is a conflict? We can define conflict as a disagreement on which the parties involved see a threat to their interests, goals, needs. It is obviously in human nature to have conflicts in many situations. Conflict arises for many number of reasons like:
1. Misunderstandings
2. Personality differences and clashes
3. Differences about the appropriate way to solve a problem
4. Egos
In our daily lives, we may be involved in many conflicts. Sometimes, the conflicts can be small, for example, a person react passively while we are talking. Sometimes, the conflict may be more complicated, for example, two persons behaving violently toward each other.
These conflicts can be big or small. They are not confined to
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Any participant in the conversation can learn how to deal with conflict. One has to understand that conflict situations cannot be taken for granted and should be addresses carefully. Conflict resolutions is not a clear cut process where in following a series of steps can assure one a happy ending. Some personality or value based conflicts may never be tackled but can be minimized in effect by using appropriate conflict management technique.
Conflict management Styles and their Consequences:
A conflict can be best analyzed by observing its consequences and different behaviors of involved parties at different intervals of time. These observations are further categorized to different conflict styles. Some styles are explained as below:

• Competing style: In this style, one’s own needs are prioritized over other’s needs. It also uses aggressive style of communication. Future relationships are not much cared about and it also observes usage of coercive power. Lot of time is spent on discussions about ground rules and context. People using this style fear that they may fail to meet their requirements if control is lost. Ultimately, the competing results in outcomes that increase the level of
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Diplomatic persons use this style and yield their needs to those of others. Relationship is given utmost importance and they may even sacrifice their own interests in lieu of group’s interests.
• Avoiding style is most general response to the negative aspect of conflict. People treat the conflict as cancer, that might have been cured if treated early otherwise it grows so far till it destroys the relationship. In this, as people avoid, needs and concerns are not expressed to one another and thus it results in lot of confusion among people. They often end up in a confused state figuring about the
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