Pros And Cons Of Ex-Convicts

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Nowadays, crime is a term that we come frequently encounter in our daily life, not only as a term but also as an action. Whether it is displayed to us over the news or commented on newspaper or if we are witnesses of crimes they are drastically increasing with each passing day. Nevertheless, there are many forms of crimes that are being committed in the present-day such as: personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes and statuary crimes. However, the question is who gets convicted for committing them and who gets away. Well, the answer to that question is simple- the rich elude from being condemned and the poor face the consequences. Why is that? Because in most cases around the world the saying “money makes the world go round” is strongly…show more content…
However, if this program is not performed with discretion and truly aiming to influence positively on the ex-convicts by making them a better person and giving them a chance to get back in society without being discriminated, it may result in recidivism. Examples of rehabilitation programs would be educational programs that are offered in jail before the convicts are set free, probation services that will allow the convict show some change in a specific interval of time and even include them in job placement agencies which will help them find jobs. In conclusion, crime nowadays is increasing around the world and surely there are many ideas out there that would be useful to reduce crime rates, however, we must start from somewhere in order to achieve results and be a role model for the other countries to make a change, so why not begin with Bulgaria. Nevertheless, with the above mentioned five specific recommendations and examples that I have listed, I truly think that crime rates in Bulgaria may be reduced if they are enforced and adhered to

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