Consequences Of Divorce In The Family

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A person experiences different phases of life, happiness, sadness and many more. Many relations are made and many are broken in the life of a person. Among all, the most difficult phase of a married couple’s life is divorce. There can be many reasons behind this decision, for the married couple but as adults, they might get over the tough period emotionally, but children become victims of many psychological disease. They possess a sensitive mind and can easily get in a state of shock while seeing their parents split forever. Consequences of divorce may not appear at the moment for the adults but they can get into trouble when the children show their affection towards one of the parents. Similarly, they show their disregard towards the other parent because he/she is considered as the responsible for the separation. This though and behavior enhances this feeling of…show more content…
With his knowledge and experience, helps parents to improve communication between them and the ways to conquer their disputes since, this influences in a positive way in the family system itself. However, in such situations, there must be a person who has the unconditional trust of the father and mother. A very important role as source of support to advance in the dialogue is played by the mediator. From the point of view of custody, if you are facing inconvenience to see your child in the schedule of visits, it is recommended to consult information with a lawyer expert in the matter. He will guide you about what your rights and obligations in this circumstance and what legal avenues you can take to solve the conflict. In case, your child is an independent adult who has made the decision to live alone or away from you then try to talk to him. Things he likes to do, you must pay attention and show your interest in that. Occasionally, remind him that you will always be there for him. Try to achieve his trust that everything will be

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