Consequences Of Domestic Violence In The US

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The definition of domestic violence is, a pattern of abuse against a romantic partner. Domestic violence is seen as a widespread issue within the United States. There many different forms of domestic violence out there. The first form that domestic violence can take is physical; which mean that it involves things like hitting, slapping, punching, etc. The next form that domestic violence can take is that of emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can range from calling a partner names to torturing a partner. The other form of domestic violence is economic withholding, which can include threating a partner finical support. There are behaviors that are associated with domestic violence. These behaviors can be anything from stalking, sexual assault, threats of violence, and threating or taking children from the partners.
These behaviors have serious consequences within cultures. The consequences can be on the victims, the perpetrators or even both of them. The consequences of domestic violence can range from death to a person losing their way of life. What this means is that victims can lose their homes, jobs, losing touch with family
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Many women see that spousal abuse is ok. “Even in countries where the vast majority of women don 't approve of spousal abuse, the share that do find it potentially acceptable isn 't exactly tiny. It 's about 1 in 10 in the U.S. and about 1 in 5 in Germany,” (Aizenman,2015). All this means, is that there are people that have accepted different forms of domestic violence within their lives. The purpose of this study is to see how many people have accepted domestic violence within their

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