Consequences Of Drug Addiction

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SUBSTANCE ABUSE “Addiction isn 't about using drugs. It 's about what the drug does to your life.” - Enock Maregesi Author OBJECTIVES: • To analyse the misconceptions about smoking, alcohol, drug abuse and their consequences. • To be aware of the fatal effects of substances. • To seek help if under the influence of any harmful substance. Raju: Hi friends, It has been a week since we all met. Ramu had been out of station because of his badminton tournament. Ramu: Yes friends. It was very good and well organized. Kavya: What happened in the tournament? Ramu: We lost in semi finals. But there was a huge problem in the tournament after one participant was proven positive in the drug test. Kavya: Oh..! That is horrible. Drugs are illegal and very dangerous to any one. Ramu: Yes, but he used it to gain the upper hand in sports. It is harmful for him. Raju: That is a very bad news; nobody should indulge themselves in such harmful substances and abuse those. Ramu: Substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous use of substances like alcohol and drugs that cause negative consequences. Kavya: some of the negative consequences include intoxication, meaning poisoning. This will have a negative impact on the ability to pay attention, concentrate, perceive and judge. Substance abuse also hinders physical control. SUBSTANCE ABUSE: 1. SMOKING

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