Consequences Of Ethnic And Racial Discrimination

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As an average person, I have seen many incidences of ethnic and racial discrimination. Knowing the problem, I feel very bad thinking about the situation of the human being facing such inhumane acts.
Following these, some people tend to upload clips about the act on social media. What is the impact of these videos? Should they be allowed?

One of the many incidences is about Mohammed who is an Iranian Ph.D. candidate who recently was thrown off a Greyhound bus in the middle of the night because of his name.
Enrolled at the University of Texas, he was traveling from Texas to Missouri, for an academic conference. After the driver saw the ticket, he was told that he would need to exit the bus immediately. Now, after recording the video of the incidence, he uploaded it to his social media account on Facebook. It clearly shows the woman saying “I don’t want to talk to you no more. You get off my bus”, adding that police officers are en route. This is the result of ethnic discrimination. The tone of the driver is scared. She threatens Mohammed that she has called the police and he should get out of the vehicle instantly. Calling the cops was a big measure taken for obviously no reason. It shines the spotlight on the fact that she is afraid of another human for his nationality. Personally, I think that uploading this video has shown the true colors of this driver and caused more problems for the firm. The poor behavior of the driver has caused rage over the internet.


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