Consequences Of Face To Face Bullying

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The Harsher Consequences of Face to Face Bullying

Meet Rochelle, a previous student who told her best friend something very personal. Her best friend told everyone and kids from her school started bullying her. They would call her names and it came to the point where she stopped going to school, stopped eating, had to go to the hospital because she purposely cracked her head open on the sidewalk, and tried to hang herself. (“Stories from People Just Like You”, 22) Just like Rochelle, children all over the world get bullied face to face and never say anything about it. When faced with bullying, students are intimidated to go to school and feel unsafe outside of school, so they detach themselves from the world. These examples illustrate that there are more disadvantages when being bullied face to face rather than cyberbullying. First, being cyberbullied is not as painful as face to face bullying. Secondly, the effects of face to face bullying stays with you emotionally, mentally, and physically. To begin, face to face bullying is more hurtful than cyberbullying. For example, the bullies target the students who stand out, due to their ethnicity, weight, and other characteristics, which makes that child the bullies main victim. Also, children spend more time with their peers, which could lead to a negative relationship, the effects of this are long lasting. In addition, face to face bullying causes trust issues for the victim, due to how bullies bring down their victims

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