Consequences Of Hester's Actions In The Scarlett Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Throughout the entire novel, we can see the consequences of Hester’s actions being displayed in her everyday life. For seven years, Hester lives a lonely life with Pearl in their small cottage by the sea. During this time, Hester makes little contact with those in her community (only when her seamstress services are needed). The town’s people do not want to be seen associating with an adulterer, and so Hester is left alone to face the shame and agony of her sin. “But sometimes, once in many days, or perchance in many months, she felt an eye-a human eye-upon the ignonimous brand, that seemed to give a momentary relief.” There are rare moments when the town’s people acknowledge Hester’s presence in the market place. As a result of her sin, Hester
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