Consequences Of Invasive Species

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The invade of alien species - also known as invasive species - is a global issue that should be eminently aware of but often neglected and misconceived as insignificant. There are a variety of possible causes of invasive species found in a non-native environment, but most probably, invasive species are "domestic aliens" that are escalated by people deliberately to new habitats within large nations and between islands. Invasive species are nonindigenous plants and animals from a foreign environment that were forcefully permeated into an outlandish habitat, threatening native wildlife and ecosystems. They are causing negative impacts in numerous ecosystems, pushing many inhabitant plants and animals to the brink of extinction. It is a treacherous threat in every perspective. It may lead to consequences such as, genetic pollution, negative ecological impacts, economic costs, agricultural damage, lots of tourism, and had even threatened global biodiversity. According to GISP, “The impacts of invasive species are often immense, insidious and often irreversible (GISP, 2014).” Invasive species had been a difficulty in several countries and Japan is one of them. Especially after the dreadful experience of the invasion of the Redback Spiders and Apple Snails, we are informed about the danger and consequences of invasive species. As the MOE of Japan I assure that a solution should be soon addressed, established and conducted. Informing the citizens, educating people and raising

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