Consequences Of Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In life we can't always control what happens to us. We will always make choices that are better then others, and there will also be consequences along with them. Some examples would be like befriending people. We've been taught that the people around us are the once that influences us. Sometimes we don't choose the right person to befriend. We could control choosing them but consequences will show up no matter what we do. In the book Of Mice and Men Lennie and George were doing the right decisions the whole way through but the decision of Lennie trying to keep Curely's Wife quiet came with the great consequence of his death. John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, discusses harmful effects of loneliness including aggressive behavior, unfair judgments, and even fading sense of reality. Steinbeck shows us that mainly in Of Mice and Men the characters lives don't go as planned. Crooks is a good example for this because he had a goal in life he wanted to work on his fathers…show more content…
But when you think to much sometimes people start to have trouble understanding other people. From what is the truth, to sarcam, or a joke. In the story Lennie goes to visit Crooks since he was bored and lonely. During the time he was there Crooks wondered what would Lennie would do if George was gone. He told him what would happen if he got hurt all of the sudden while he was out and he couldn't return. Lennie didn't understand Crooks was setting an example so Lennoe got defensive "Who hurt George?" Crooks saw danger coming so he said "I was just supposin'," In this you can tell since Lenni doesn't really talk to people and that he has problems in his head he can't see that Crooks was just setting an example. The symptoms that isolation can cause aren't good. They cause more problems then to just give the outcasted a chance to show that they're different, kind, that they also have dreams and life
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