Consequences Of Misfortunes In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the lifetime of Mary Shelley she experienced many misfortunes that influenced her writing. Many of Shelley’s misfortunes starting occurring at a young age which affected her mental health. Her novel Frankenstein is one of her works that was influenced by current events that were occurring and made her feel various emotions.
In the novel, “Frankenstein”, it demonstrates the consequences of manmade life and the pain inflicted upon Mary Shelley by events that occurred in her life. Many that have heard about the novel believe that the creature created by Victor is named Frankenstein. Although, the scientist is named Victor Frankenstein meanwhile the creature is unnamed.
Throughout the novel there are similarities between the characters
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Pieces of her life can be shown in the novel and characters. The desire to have a loving family and companion can be interpreted from the characters. The creature represents all the emotions that May build up and therefore can be the reason that it is full of rage and sadness.
Point 4(Similarity between Mary Shelley and the creature)
The creature is often portrayed as full of loneliness and in desire of a companion from the opposite sex. When the creature was just brought to life he was confused about the surroundings around him. Victor never explained to the creature about his situation. Humans were afraid of the creature and did not want to be near him. The creature did not have a companion or any other human being that felt the same manner as him and grew each day more angry and full of revenge towards Frankenstein. Mary Shelley did have a husband but she felt that he was not a responsible companion and doing his share of the relationship.
(1)“...Mary’s wish for a companion of her own kind, a faithful lover, through the monster’s plea for a female of his kind.” (2) The creature wanted to show the De Lacey family who the stranger was that has been helping them with common chores. Although,when the creatures presents himself to the De Lacey family they fear him and treat him like a
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