Consequences Of Procrastination In High School And College Students

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When given a deadline, high school and college students share a common trait, they procrastinate. Although college and high school students are notorious for procrastinating on their school work, adults are also procrastinators. Adults put off things such as doing housework, paying bills, and meeting deadlines at work. Procrastination is usually deemed as a lazy habit, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are many reasons that one may choose to procrastinate, there are also consequences, but there are benefits that we tend to overlook. A lot of people procrastinate, but why do they do it when they know it causes them stress? “Many people tell themselves that they procrastinate because they are disorganized, lazy, or worse, because they just don’t care enough” (Wiegartz). Some people believe that if they procrastinate, they don’t have to blame their lack of skill for not getting things done correctly. Rather than blaming their lack of skill, they can blame their lack of attentiveness and motivation. The four main reasons for procrastination are: fear of failure, excessive perfectionism, low energy levels, and lack of focus. “One of the most common causes of procrastination is a deep- rooted fear of failure” (James). If a person never even begins to attempt something, they are guaranteed not to fail. Procrastination can be used as sort of a security blanket. “It serves as a protection mechanism, shielding you from the possibility of real failure” (James). Another reason
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