Consequences Of Racism In America

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Like many other problems, Racism has existed throughout the history of mankind. The definition of Racism is being discriminant and disrespectful towards a racial group with the belief that your own race is superior. Racism has changed the world and how people view each other. This belief that ones race is superior has lead to create violence, stereotypes, health problems and hatred in the world.

White Americans’ support for segregation sprang from a widespread belief in black inferiority and that blacks’ disadvantaged status tended to reinforce this sentiment (Harris and Leiberman). Furthermore, African Americans are a good example of a racial group who has been victims of racism from early years till date. Mostly in the United States, African Americans were viewed and considered to be the minority and were not equally treated among the people of America. This segregation created affects their way of life and makes it difficult for them to reach their life goals. They are forced to adjust their way of doing things usually and have to suffer with the consequences of being the minority. Due to this, they have lower standards of living than the rest.

Racism increases health problems and death tolls in a society. People or racial groups who are victims of racism and discrimination are shown to age faster and have more health problems than others (Sims et al.). The reason that the people who faced discrimination due to their race were proven to have a higher chance of having
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