Racism In America Essay

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Like many other problems, Racism has existed throughout the history of mankind. The definition of Racism is being discriminant and disrespectful towards a racial group with the belief that your own race is superior. Racism has changed the world and how people view each other. This belief that ones race is superior has lead to create violence, stereotypes, health problems and hatred in the world.

White Americans’ support for segregation sprang from a widespread belief in black inferiority and that blacks’ disadvantaged status tended to reinforce this sentiment (Harris and Leiberman). Furthermore, African Americans are a good example of a racial group who has been victims of racism from early years till date. Mostly in the United States, African
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(Szoke). Living in a world where racism nor discrimination does not exist at all is impossible. The first step into living in world without segregation is to be educated. Educating yourself is important to realize that there is no difference or any strong enough reason to feel that ones race is more superior than another’s race. When you educated and accept the idea that equality among the people must exist, the upcoming generations will carry on the idea that we are equal if accepted by people now as the young learn from their parents and adults. If segregation is eliminated and people had hope in each other, people could accomplish many things working together as a group. This is how racism could be stopped and together with one hand we can accomplish way more in this…show more content…
People now should accept and educated themselves about the idea that everyone on this planet is equal to them. Legal actions should be taken on people who are racist towards racial group other than theirs to learn their lesson and never repeat this. It would take more than giving equality and being respectful to racism victims to bring them back from the psychological effects caused by racism and discrimination. Racism could be reduced but will never be eliminated because people will never truly accept the idea that they are all equal, some people will always view themselves to be better than
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