The Importance Of Rape In The UAE

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Rape is a form of sexual violence that has a long-term emotional effect on its victims. Victims may come from all types of cultural, ethnic, and social background. A worrying trend is that most of the victims who exposed to attacks by people they know. One of the factors that have been noted to have a retrogressive approach on this social vice is that most of the victims do not report the attacks. This will lead to attributed to the verity that most of the victims are not ready to face the legal and medical processes that will force them to relive their ordeal again. The fact that most of the perpetrators are known to the victim plays an important role in ensuring that the victims do not report rapes. However, one of the leading reasons why most…show more content…
In relation to social change, it is imperative for civil societies within the UAE and other non-governmental organization both local and international, to intervene and in this way make sure that victims of rape are offered the incentives to report their ordeals and the perpetrators. This does not imply that UAE is devoid of such institutional force, but what lurks within the UAE society is the reach of these institutions to the people. A noteworthy factor is that educated women are rarely the subject of rape in the country and most of the victims are not endowed with the right educational resources. In this regard, these women do not have the necessary means of communicating their woes to these institutions. The existing social infrastructure favors only the educated and of high economic and social status women to access the services of these institutions. However, the marginalized and uneducated, which are at most risk of being raped have not been offered the opportunities of reporting their ordeals without facing stigmatization and discrimination (Rahamath

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