Consequences Of Reproductive Health Education

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1.9.3. Psychological and Emotional problems
Most of the world’s adolescents make it through the period with no major problems. Even those adolescents who have no significant personal problems or acute health-care needs have normative stresses and needs for help, support and orientation associated with making the transition from childhood to adulthood. Otherwise it may lead to major health concerns when they grow as adults. Mental health and psychosocial problems may both be causes and consequences of SRH problems among adolescents. Emotional problems and depression among children and adolescents can occur at any age, in some cases starting in children as early as infancy (Keren & Tyano, 2006). Mental, psychological and emotional barriers are
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Academic success and achievement are strong predictors of overall adult health outcomes. Proficient academic skills are associated with lower rates of risky behaviours and higher rates of healthy behaviours. Reproductive health education at school leads to lower rates of health problems and risk for incarceration, as well as enhanced financial stability during adulthood. Reproductive health education is an effective method to promote sexual and reproductive health awareness. Particularly reproductive health education should be promoted in educational institutions which can be a key strategy promoting safer sexual behaviour among young people. The efforts of promoting reproductive health education should be focus on assuring access to timely, comprehensive health education for all which reduces the gaps in access related to race gender and less…show more content…
The importance of media as an effective tool of generating awareness among adolescents on issues related to sexual and reproductive health is now globally accepted. Media in combination with meaningful social interaction contributes positively towards shaping the sexual attitudes and behaviours of the adolescents

Adolescent Health is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adolescents to enable them to become healthy, productive adults. Beside that adolescents have unique reproductive and sexual health needs. Teen sex, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, sexual education, and teen pregnancy are a few of the clinical and social issues covered here for young adults and their providers. In this regard health professionals have greater role through their empathetic approach, confidential assessment and genuine concern to provide treatment which is adolescent
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