Consequences Of School Bullying

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Bullying is a relatively new concept. However, it is an issue that has somehow been presented ever since the origin of human beings. The causes for such issue can vary from the need to demonstrate superiority as an inherent biological condition to the lack of affection and attention from parents as a never-ending cycle in which bullies are also others' victims. Because parents, teachers, and principals tend to overlook children's abusive behavior justifying it or confusing it with an allegedly children's game, bullying has gained strength.
A major cause for bullying’s existence finds its base on Darwin’s natural selection and fitness principle in the sense that human beings have always competed for food, water, soil, and other primary resources.
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Bullying has most of the times led to heartless consequences on the victims. Cindy Casebeer stated in her article “School bullying: why quick fixes do not prevent school failure” that “bullying is associated with a negative classroom and/or school climate, lower school commitment, and poor academic outcomes. Moreover, bullying is associated with long-term, negative effects, including poor psychosocial adjustment and ongoing physical and mental health problems. It is clear that school bullying is a serious issue that impedes student success” (165). Asides from it, bullying may cause depression, isolation and school dropping, for victims do not feel safe at school and prefer to skip classes or drop at all. When it crosses the line, consequences could be as extreme as victims getting severe physical injuries and death, and in some other cases it has led to victims committing suicide. Restating, bullying can lead to emotional consequences such as depression, social consequences such as isolation and school dropping, and in extreme cases to death and/or suicide; therefore, the need of a solution for such issue is…show more content…
Sadly, and in spite of the efforts teachers could make at school, it is unlikely to stop the problem just by managing the individual problems at school. As seen previously when mentioning the causes for this issue, parents play a very important role in modeling their children personality. Thus, even when teachers can control the problem at school, it does not mean that the problem will be over or not presented out of school where vigilance in almost none. For that reason, it is necessary to stablish a program in which parents get involved in the process. This has to be carefully planned by a professional staff before launching it, since it implies leading with the bullies’ bullies, so the process got to very horizontal not to trigger more violent events among parents and children. The suggestion would be arranging individual meetings between the teacher, a psychologist, a sociologist, and both parents in which the situation is discussed to get to know their point of view and know how to deal with it. Since it very unlikely that this type of parents attend those meetings, it might be a good option to group with their employers so that they could get an off-work hour to attend the meeting. In addition, those same professionals can give
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