Stereotyping Among Minority Groups

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Negative Consequences of Stereotyping Among Minority Adolescent Groups
The adolescence is the period where adolescents experience rapid physical and mental growth. The establishment of an identity in the society is an important concept to adolescents during this period. When a person or a group of people judge about a person or another group of people based on the real or imagined characteristics, it is known as stereotyping (Khan, Benda, and Stagnaro 2012). The adolescents’ minority groups are considered as the adolescents that belong to an under-represented population of racial and ethnic groups which have limited access to many benefits such as health care and education than the majority groups of the society (Office of Adolescent Health
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The stereotyping can lead to develop misconduct such as drug abuse among adolescents (Buchanan 2009). When considering the minority groups of adolescents, one of the reasons the substance occurs is due to stereotyping consequences. The adolescents may justify the pressure that result from negative consequences of stereotyping by using drugs. For example; a teenage boy who represents the minority groups has been stereotyped by his peers may develop a habit of smoking, or taking illegal drugs as a coping method to cover the pain. The negativity of stereotyping and the consequences of drug addiction can destroy the adolescents’ lives that represent minority groups in both physical and mental manner if they did not successfully overcome the…show more content…
Due to stereotyping, the minority groups of adolescents are going through negative consequences such as depression and anxiety; self-esteem issues; substance abuse; and interruption of daily activities. Losing the confidence, and accepting that the majority groups are superior over them will lead to continuation of the stereotyping among minority groups of adolescents. The minority groups of adolescents have to find a way to successfully avoid the stereotyping matters in order to overcome the negative psychological and physiological consequences that affect their

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