Consequences Of The Atomic Bomb

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According to the textbook, Germany had a team of scientists, which developed the idea of the atomic bomb. The United States decided to research on the atomic bomb because the country was very interested in this creation. However, Roosevelt was in fear of the consequences that could come about and therefore authorized an American atomic initiative. The result of this top-secret effort became known as the Manhattan Project and this eventually changed the course of human history. Additionally, the atomic bomb was tested and later labeled successful after the Manhattan Project began in 1942. There were multiple consequences of this new weapon for the Japanese, for Americans, and for the overall outcome of World War II. The consequences for Japan included the loss of two cities and thousands of Japanese citizens were killed due to the atomic bomb. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit with bombs by the United States and killed 100,000 people. Additionally, Japan was humiliated by defeat and were eventually forced to surrender by America. Americans had a much altered series of consequences. After the United States forced…show more content…
The United States had one main goal when entering the war and that was to win. The two choices included killing with the atomic bomb or be killed and it was significant to the United States that they did anything possible to win. If we did not use the atomic bomb, there may have been other wars that came about as well. Overall, other countries were aware that we had these bombs available and that they should not try to start a war with us. Therefore, the United States should have used the atomic bomb because it was necessary at this specific time. What would have happened if the United States did not use the atomic bomb? Why would wouldn 't we use the atomic bomb when we were in
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