Essay On Fingerprint Development

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INTRODUCTION: With reference to terrorist incidents from past till today, incidents of explosion and Molotov bombing have prominent economic, psychological and social effects on the collective memory since they inflict nonrecoverable wounds. The duty of the state at this point is arresting the offenders within the shortest time possible, hence, easing public conscious, bringing the offenders to the justice and ensuring that they get their punishment as soon as possible.

By virtue of the rapid developments within the scope of the fight against crime and criminals, it is now possible to perform an extensive and sophisticated examination of findings collected at crime scene. Particularly, it is possible to determine the type of the explosive by examining the findings
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By considering the factors affecting fingerprint development, three young and three middle-aged individuals are chosen to obtain fingerprints.
Fingerprint development process of study is conducted in laboratories of the Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul University with the contributions of fingerprint development laboratories of Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate, Department of Crime Scene Investigation.
Investigation period of this study conducted by using the modelling method and the study lasted nine months.

Preparation of the Samples:
Fingerprint samples are obtained from six volunteers who signed Clarified Consent Forms. Fingerprints are placed on various surfaces such as microscope slide for glass, A4 size paper for paper and galvanized sheet metal and pieces of metals for metals. Voluntary individuals, who signed Clarified Consent Forms, touched every surface and waited for 10 seconds. Particular attention is attached so that the period of touching the surfaces would not exceed 10
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